Exploring the Traffic and Backlink Profile of Newtoki163.com; Is this site legit or a Scam?

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Newtoki163.com is a website that has garnered significant interest, particularly for those involved in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the traffic statistics, visitor engagement metrics, backlink analytics, and overall online performance of this intriguing website. By leveraging the data provided by Semrush, a leading online visibility management platform, we aim to uncover valuable insights that can aid in understanding the website’s strategies and potential areas for improvement.

Traffic Statistics and Visitor Engagement

According to the data from Semrush, newtoki163.com ranks 482,057th globally and 21,314th within its country as of February 2024. These rankings provide an initial glimpse into the website’s overall online presence and popularity.

In terms of traffic, newtoki163.com received 81,250 visits in February 2024, marking a significant decrease of 35.51% compared to the previous month. While the reason for this decline is not explicitly stated, it could be attributed to various factors, such as changes in website content, and advertising campaigbehaviourhifts in user behavior.

Visitor engagement metrics offer valuable insights into how users interact with the website. The average session duration on newtoki163.com is relatively short, at approximately 2 minutes. This could suggest that visitors are likely seeking specific information or performing targeted actions rather than engaging in extended browsing sessions. Additionally, the bounce rate stands at a substantial 55.44%, indicating that a significant portion of visitors leave the website after viewing only a single page.

Another noteworthy statistic is the pages per visit metric, which currently stands at 1.51. This figure implies that, on average, visitors tend to explore slightly more than one page during their visit to newtoki163.com.

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Geographic Distribution and Device Preference

The data provided by Semrush also sheds light on the geographic distribution of newtoki163.com’s visitors. Malaysia emerges as the website’s core audience, accounting for 50.16% of the total traffic, followed by Thailand at 20.68% and the United States at 6.99%. Other notable countries contributing to the website’s traffic include Germany (6.36%) and France (4.05%).

Interestingly, the data reveals that an overwhelming majority of visitors (99.83%) access newtoki163.com via mobile devices, while desktop traffic accounts for only 0.17%. This statistic underscores the importance of optimizing the website for mobile users and ensuring a seamless and responsive experience across various screen sizes and devices.

Traffic Sources and Destinations

While the data does not provide specific details on newtoki163.com’s traffic sources, it does indicate that 100% of desktop traffic comes directly to the website. This could suggest a strong brand recognition or a user base that directly types the website’s URL into their browsers.

The data does not offer insights into the destinations where visitors navigate after leaving newtoki163.com, as this information is locked behind a paid subscription.

Organic and Paid Traffic

The report from Semrush offers a glimpse into newtoki163.com’s organic and paid search traffic. As of February 2024, the website’s organic search traffic stood at 2,140 visits, marking a remarkable 261.99% increase compared to the previous month. This significant growth in organic traffic could be attributed to successful SEO efforts, content optimization, or improved search engine rankings.

However, the data does not provide information regarding the website’s paid search traffic or the share of branded traffic. These metrics are currently locked and require a paid subscription to access.

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Backlink Profile and Authority Score

Backlinks play a crucial role in SEO and can significantly impact a website’s search engine rankings and online visibility. According to the data provided by Semrush, newtoki163.com has an Authority Score of 10, which is a metric used to evaluate a website’s overall SEO performance and potential.

As of February 2024, newtoki163.com had 520 backlinks from 176 referring domains. While the number of backlinks decreased by 4.41% compared to the previous month, the number of referring domains also experienced a 4.86% decline.

Unfortunately, the data does not provide insights into the quality or relevance of these backlinks, nor does it offer information regarding the website’s potential risk of incurring a Google penalty. These additional details are locked behind a paid subscription.

Competitors and Opportunities

While the data provided by Semrush offers valuable insights into newtoki163.com’s online performance, it does not directly compare the website’s metrics to those of its competitors. However, by analyzing the data presented, we can identify potential opportunities for newtoki163.com to improve its online visibility and engagement.

One area of focus could be improving visitor engagement and reducing the bounce rate. By enhancing the website’s content, user experience, and navigation, newtoki163.com may be able to encourage visitors to explore more pages and spend longer sessions on the site.

Additionally, optimizing the website for mobile devices should be a priority, given the overwhelming majority of mobile traffic. Ensuring a seamless and responsive mobile experience could further enhance user engagement and potentially increase conversion rates.

Regarding organic search traffic,newtoki163.com’s impressive growth presents an opportunity to build upon this momentum. Identifying and capitalizing on the successful SEO strategies that contributed to this growth could further solidify the website’s search engine presence and attract additional organic traffic.

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Furthermore, expanding the backlink profile by acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative sources could potentially enhance newtoki163.com’s Authority Score and improve its overall online visibility.


In conclusion, the data provided by Semrush offers valuable insights into newtoki163.com’s online performance, traffic statistics, visitor engagement, geographic distribution, and backlink profile. While the data presents a comprehensive overview, there are limitations in terms of accessing specific details and competitor comparisons without a paid subscription.

Nonetheless, the information presented in this blog post highlights potential areas for improvement and opportunities for newtoki163.com to enhance its online presence and user engagement. By leveraging these insights, the website can develop targeted strategies to optimize its content, user experience, and SEO efforts, ultimately leading to increased visibility, higher engagement, and improved overall performance in the digital landscape.

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